Complete Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts 2013 Series List

Circle Trucker Treasure Hunt

The Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Series has gone a major overhaul this 2013. Before, the cards of these secret Treasure Hunts are printed with either the words ” Treasure Hunt” ot TH, plus cars will be painted with the letters “TH” in order to set these rare cars apart from the rest of the series. […]

Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts 2013: Custom ’77 Dodge Van

Hot Wheels T-Hunt

One of the must have car for the Hot Wheels 2013 main line set is the Custom ’77 Dodge Van. This car possesses wicked tampos and cool wheels. But what makes this car apart from the rest of the set is that ¬†it belongs to this year’s Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Series. T-Hunt¬†Custom ’77 Dodge […]