Hot Wheels Red Bird

Hot Wheels Red Bird from the Angry Birds Video Game

One of the most popular video game today is the Angry Birds game. This video...
Tomica Pixar Cars The Movie

Pixar Cars The Movie Diecast by Tomica

Collecting Tomica Takara  cars? They’ve just released a highly collectible line – that of the...
Hot Wheels Mystery Machine toy

Scooby Doo Mystery Machine: Hot Wheels 2012 Premiere and Imagination

Scooby Doo was a famous cartoon character from the year 1969. Scooby Doo is a...


Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts 2013: ’12 FORD FIESTA

The Ford Fiesta is one of the most popular rally cars today. This casting debuted in the Hot Wheels Main Line courtesy of the White and Black cars of popular stunt driver, Ken Block. In 2013,...
How to find the Treasure Hunt Logo

How To Spot a Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt? Look For T-hunt Logo

Mattel first introduced the Treasure Hunt line in 1995, with one T-hunt appearing for every month of the year. There are times though that instead of just 12, 15 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt are...
HW T-hunt Logo on the card

Hot Wheels 2014 Treasure Hunt Complete List

No Hot Wheels collection is complete without some  TH or Treasure Hunts Cars. These cars are a little more difficult to collect or find for they usually come one in a box. These Treasure Hunt...



MBX Batmobile

Matchbox Batmobile: MBX Adventure City 2012

Matchbox is not known for making Batmobile die cast toys or any Batman vehicles for that matter. For the past few years, they've concentrated more on industrial vehicles and police cars. But for the...