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Hot Wheels diecast cars 1:64 models. HWCC will also be featuring Hot Wheels Elite Cars at 1:18 sizes.

Hot Wheels First Editions

Hot Wheels Blings Hummer H2 First Edition

The Hummer H2 is a SUT or Sports Utility Truck  manufactured by General Motors. This is the second model for the Hummer. The H2 is...
Rodzilla Hot Wheels year of the Dragon

Hot Wheels 2012: Rodzilla “Year of the Dragon” Edition

2012 was the Year of the The Dragon, and what better car to represent the year that was than Hot Wheel’s very own concept...
Hot Wheels 2013

Hot Wheels Graffiti Riders: Chrysler 300c Hemi

The Hot Wheels 2013 set is definitely a good one. There several good new models released this year like the Kool Kombi, Max Steel...
Hot Wheels Die Cast

Hot Wheels Ice Cream Truck / Good Humor Truck Die Cast

Even in the Hot Wheels world, people needs some food and drinks, and what better place to get some needed  refreshments than at the Hot...
Lamborghini Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels Lamborghini Reventon All Stars

The Reventon is one of the rarest supercars made by Lamborghini. It is also one of the most expensive ( second only to the...
Mini Cooper First Editions

Hot Wheels MINI COOPER 2000 First Edition

The Mini Cooper is England's answer to Germany's Volkswagen Beetle. The Mini Cooper was named after John Cooper. He is the owner of the Cooper...
Ferrari F355 Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels Ferrari F355 Die Cast

One of the most famous and successful Ferarri cars in the 1990's was the Ferrari F355 model. The Ferrari F355 was manufactured by Ferrari from May of 1994 to 1999....
Kool Kombi

Hot Wheels First Editions: Volkswagen Kool Kombi (Green)

Seems like Hot Wheels has made some great success in making green cars as of late. Last year it was the Mystery Machine that...

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