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Hot Wheels diecast cars 1:64 models. HWCC will also be featuring Hot Wheels Elite Cars at 1:18 sizes.

Kool Kombi

Hot Wheels First Editions: Volkswagen Kool Kombi (Green)

Seems like Hot Wheels has made some great success in making green cars as of late. Last year it was the Mystery Machine that...
Hot Wheels Red Bird

Hot Wheels Red Bird from the Angry Birds Video Game

One of the most popular video game today is the Angry Birds game. This video game is so versatile that you can play it...
Hot Wheels First Editions

Rail Rodder: Hot Wheels First Editions 1996

Going to some not so popular shopping arcades and malls and looking into some of their old inventory of toys can give you some...
Hot Wheels Dodge Viper GTS-R

Hot Wheels Dodge Viper GTS-R

The Dodge Viper GTS-R was a famous racing variant of the Dodge Viper. This car was built by Dodge in cooperation with Chrysler, Oreca and...

Hot Wheels Ice Charger: HW Screen Time 2017

Hello Hot Wheels collectors!! Please welcome the coolest car from the Fast and Furious Movie Franchise, the Ice Charger. The Dodge Ice Charger was...
Hot Wheels First Editions

Hot Wheels Blings Hummer H2 First Edition

The Hummer H2 is a SUT or Sports Utility Truck  manufactured by General Motors. This is the second model for the Hummer. The H2 is...
HW Kool Kombi

Hot Wheels Volkswagen Kool Kombi: “Koolest” Car for 2013

Hot Wheels for the 2013 series introduces a new casting for the Volkswagen line, the Kool Kombi. This new die cast is one of the...
Rodzilla Hot Wheels year of the Dragon

Hot Wheels 2012: Rodzilla “Year of the Dragon” Edition

2012 was the Year of the The Dragon, and what better car to represent the year that was than Hot Wheel’s very own concept...

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