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Regular treasure hunts and Super THunts, get some for your Hot Wheels collection!

Circle Trucker Treasure Hunt

Complete Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts 2013 Series List

The Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Series has gone a major overhaul this 2013. Before, the cards of these secret Treasure Hunts are printed with either...
2013 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts

Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts: Dodge Challenger Drift Car 2013

The Dodge Challenger Drift Car is a special version of the Dodge Challenger that is used in the Formula Drift Car Circuit. The car's...
HW T-hunt Logo on the card

Hot Wheels 2014 Treasure Hunt Complete List

No Hot Wheels collection is complete without some  TH or Treasure Hunts Cars. These cars are a little more difficult to collect or find...
How to find the Treasure Hunt Logo

How To Spot a Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt? Look For T-hunt Logo

Mattel first introduced the Treasure Hunt line in 1995, with one T-hunt appearing for every month of the year. There are times though that...

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