Complete Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts 2013 Series List

The Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Series has gone a major overhaul this 2013.

Before, the cards of these secret Treasure Hunts are printed with either the words ” Treasure Hunt” ot TH, plus cars will be painted with the letters “TH” in order to set these rare cars apart from the rest of the series.

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Now in 2013, there are no printings on the cards , especially in international release cars, making these Treasure Hunts really hard to find, The only clue whether a car is a real treasure hunt or not is to find Hot Wheels’  “Flame Logo“, just be careful for there are some castings that has a ‘partial Flame Logo that confuses collectors.

Check out the Custom Dodge Van Treasure Hunt below and see how difficult to detect its Flame Logo.

TH Custom ’77 Dodge Van 

Hot Wheels Secret Treasure Hunt

To help you out in finding the 2013 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts, check out this list below.

15 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Cars for 2013

  1. Bread Box2013 Hot Wheels HW City City Works
  2. Carbonator2013 Hot Wheels HW Racing X-Raycers
  3. ’10 Camaro SS2013 Hot Wheels HW City Rescue
  4. Fast Fish2013 Hot Wheels HW Racing Track Aces
  5. Circle Trucker2013 Hot Wheels HW Racing Track Aces
  6. 1964 Lincoln Continental2013 Hot Wheels HW City Graffiti Rides
  7. Sting Rod II2013 Hot Wheels HW Imagination Street Pests
  8. Prototype H-242013 Hot Wheels HW Racing Race Team
  9. Custom ’77 Dodge Van2013 Hot Wheels HW City Graffiti Rides
  10. Dodge Challenger Drift Car2013 Hot Wheels HW City Nightburnerz
  11. Ford Mustang GT Concept2013 Hot Wheels HW City Rescue
  12. Fire-Eater2013 Hot Wheels HW City Rescue
  13. ’12 Ford Fiesta: Hot Wheels Stunt
  14. Mazda RX-7 
  15. Bad to the Blade

2013 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Circle Trucker

Circle Trucker Treasure Hunt

This completes the 2013 Hot Wheels Regular Treasure Hunt Set. Hope you can catch these highly collectible cars for your die cast collection.

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