Customized Hot Wheels: Ghost Rider

One of my favorite Marvel Comics super heroes is the Ghost Rider. This character has been an enigma and nobody really knows if the Ghost of Vengeance is truly a hero or foe.

Many characters donned the Ghost Rider persona but only the original truly stands out, Johnny Blaze!!!

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Johnny Blaze is the first supernatural Ghost Rider.

He may also be one of the strongest superheroes in the Marvel Universe, as seen on the the World War Hulk story line where he exchanged blows with the Green Scar version of the Hulk in New York City.

Ghost Rider can instantly create a motorcycle out of Hellfire.

He is also armed with a mystical chain that burns with the same Hellfire that can be controlled by his mind and can change in length at will. Hellfire from the chain can burn the soul of the Rider’s enemy but does not cause any psychical harm to his foe.

Johnny Blaze also love to carry a shotgun.

Customized Hot Wheels: Ghost Rider

If you are creative enough, you don’t need any Hellfire to create your own Ghost Rider figure complete with bike, chain and shotgun.

Armed with creativity and lots of patience, you can  make a very good piece just like this featured customized work from  Laurence Paolo de Chavez.  Thanks Paolo for being the first collector to submit your masterpiece! Awesome!

Paolo used a Hot Wheels Blast Lane motor cycle as the base for the Ghost Rider model, some waterstop and paint to make his masterpiece.

Hot Wheels Blast Lane

Hot Wheels Motorcycle

Photo taken from the net

Notice the details on the bike like that of the skull on the front and the flames on the bike’s wheels. Adding the chain completes the look!

Hot Wheels Customs: Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider Toy

For me, this Ghost Rider version looks like that of Daniel Ketch‘s and not of Johnny Blaze because of the flames on the wheels, skull infront of the bike and the length of the chain. But just the same, any Ghost Rider is cool, err hot, which ever term  you preffer. LOL.   😛

Here is another shot of Paolo’s Ghost Rider creation:

Riding Shotgun with the Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider Die cast

Great job for this bro, waiting for more pictures of your work, especially that of your version of the Batmobile!!!

Tune in next time for we will feature more customized Hot Wheels from our friends and readers.

Do you have your own customized Hot Wheels that you want us to feature on this blog?

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