Hot Wheels 2012: Rodzilla “Year of the Dragon” Edition

2012 was the Year of the The Dragon, and what better car to represent the year that was than Hot Wheel’s very own concept car, the RODZILLA!!!

The Rodzilla is one of the most popular and most collectible cars in the Hot Wheels 1:64 mainline series. The car resembles a dragon which features a rotating head that can be turned backwards or side ways. The detailed body of the car also resembles the long, scaly body of the Eastern Dragon complete with 4 limbs. At the center is a gold or silver engine that might represent the guarded treasure of the mythical beast.

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Rodzilla from the 2012 Hot Wheels Collection 

Rodzilla Hot Wheels year of the Dragon

The Rodzilla Hot Wheels car was designed by Larry Wood. It was first released in 1988 and was given the collection number 4389. Over the years, the Rodzilla has donned many colors such as Purple, Green, Silver and Red.

The Rodzilla “Year of the Dragon” Edition for the Hot Wheels 2012 Collection

For most Hot Wheels collector, a must collect car for the year 2012 was the Rodzilla.  Many think that owning one can provide good luck especially in this line of hobby. Definitely, everybody would want some luck during their hunts and finding hard to find, rare and Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts lining the pegs of their favorite toy store.

Another reason why this is a must collect toy is that it looks cool. The 2012 Rodzilla is colored red and has a “nasty” look into it. This one has white teeth and eyes. The 2012 Rodzilla also sports GY5 wheels.

Rodzilla “Year of the Dragon” Edition by Hot Wheels

Rodzilla Hot Wheel Collectible Car

Carded collectors would also rejoice for there is a special print located on the upper left corner of each of the Rodzilla’s card.

Rodzilla Logo With Chinese Characters on the Hot Wheels Card

Hot Wheels Rodzilla Tampo

One of the most mysterious things about the Rodzilla 2012 version is the tampo placed at the left neck of the dragon. I believe that this tampo or “tattoo” only exist on the Rodzilla “Year of the Dragon” edition and not on the other older casting. Same marking is found in the dragon print at the card. For those who do read Chinese, kindly help me on this one by putting your findings at the Comments section.

Wonder if Mattel will come up with something for the Year of the Water Snake? It would not hurt if they will make a special edition for the Classic Cobra or even the 2010 Ford Shelby GT-500 Super Snake. Now that would be worth looking for!!!

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