Hot Wheels ’64 Lincoln Continental Die Cast

The Lincoln Continental is a series of luxury cars that was made by a division of Ford Motors from 1939 up to 1948. The series was later revived and mas manufactured in the year 1956 up to 2002.

The ’64 Lincoln Continental belongs to the 4th generation of Continentals. This car’s generation was favored by collectors thanks to its stylish design and due to movies that featured the 1960’s Lincoln like Goldfinger, The Matrix, Spiderman 2, and The Last Action Hero.

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Hot Wheels ’64 Lincoln Continental

The  First Editon of the ’64 Lincoln Continental was part of the Hot Wheels main line series of 2007. It debuted in 4 variants where 2 of them came in dark blue, while the other 2 came in white and dark purple.

Hot Wheels ’64 Lincoln Continental Short Card

Hot Wheels 1964 Lincoln Continental

Since then, this die cast model has been transformed into 15 variants, from the HW Mainline to the Hot Wheels Garage line. The ’64 Lincoln Continental however does not any variation that belongs to the Treasure Hunt series.

Hot Wheel ’64 Lincoln Continental 

Hot Wheels Lincoln Continental

The pictures above shows the latest version of the ’64 Hot Wheels ’64 Lincoln Continental which is part of the Showroom Set for the 2013 Hot Wheels Mainline.

It comes in a metallic dark green body with silver and green tampos. This Lincoln Continental sports 10 Spoke Wheels (10SP). Interiors for the car is beige ans its windows are clear.

The Hot Wheels ’64 Lincoln Continental was given the number #022 and was designed by Jun Imai.

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