Hot Wheels Blings Hummer H2 First Edition

The Hummer H2 is a SUT or Sports Utility Truck  manufactured by General Motors.

This is the second model for the Hummer. The H2 is longer taller and lighter then the original Hummer. It can accommodate 6 to 7 passengers depending on the model.

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The H2 was nominated as the North America  Truck of the Year in 2003.

Earlier models of the Hummer H2 comes with a 6 Liter engine that can produce 325 HP.

Hot Wheels Blings Hummer H2 First Editons for 2004

One of the most collectible item for the 2004 First Editions series of Hot Wheels is the Blings Hummer H2.

Hummer H2 by Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels Hummer

Here the casting of the H2 was blinged out, thus the car comes with an outrageous design and unworldly set of wheels.

The 2004 First Editon comes in 2 color variants, the Yellow and the Gold. Both were equipped with Bling Wheels.

The Yellow H2 apperars on the mainline of the Hot Wheels for 2004 while the Gold version was released as a Mail in Exclusive and a Kmart Day Give Away making it the more hard to find version.

Hot Wheels Blings Hummer H2

Hot Wheels Hummer H2

The blinged out version of the H2 by Hot Wheels was used as a promo for the Houston Astros in 2004.

In 2007, the Bling Hummer H2 appeared in the Hot Wheels Hummer Series while in 2008, it was featured in the Happy Birthday Gift Cars Set.

Do you have this one in your hot wheels collection?


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