Hot Wheels Ferrari F355 Die Cast

One of the most famous and successful Ferarri cars in the 1990’s was the Ferrari F355 model.

The Ferrari F355 was manufactured by Ferrari from May of 1994 to 1999. This model was the predecessor of other successful models such as the Ferrari 348 and later the Ferrari 360.

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The F355 was built for comfort, style and speed. The elegant design makes it one of the must have cars in its generation and has been the inspiration for other future Ferrari car designs. Riding this 2-seater car can be smooth for it was designed for comfort and can be used in slow traffic in the city. But since it is a Ferrari  expect it to  pack a mean punch for it houses a V8 engine that can tops speeds up to 180 mp/h.

Like most Ferrari cars, the F355 is a mid-engined car and is powered by a V8 engine. The F355 comes in Coupe ( Berlinetta), Targa and Convertible versions.When launced in 1994, the price of the Ferrari F355 Berlinetta and Targa was $130,000 Dollars, while a year later, the convertible version came out and was sold at 137,000 dollars.

Hot Wheels Ferrari F355 from the 2002 Mainline Series

Hot Wheels Ferrari F355

Ferrari F355 Specs:

  • Engine: 3.5 L V8
  • Output: 375 HP
  • 0-60 miles per hour: 4.6 seconds
  • Top Speed: 295 kilometers per hour or 183 mph

Hot Wheels Ferrari F355

The first Hot Wheels  Ferrari F355 models was introduced in the Hot Wheels 1995 Model Series. the model series was then changed to First Edition come 1996. The Ferrari F355 was given the Collector number 350.

The 1:64 1995 new model versions were all painted in yellow but has different tampos and wheel types. There were 9 variants of these new models in 1995.

Ferrari F355 for the Hot Wheels 2002 Series

Ferrari F355 Hot Wheels

The last time it was made for the mainline series was in 2002 but a version of the F355 was made for the Ferrari racer Series last 2008.

The Ferrari F355 was made part of the Treasure Hunt series for the year 1996. This Ferrari Treasure Hunt comes with a pearl white body with gold Hot Wheels tampo. It also sports GPC5 wheels or Gold 5 Spoke Pro Circuit wheels.

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