Hot Wheels First Editions: Volkswagen Kool Kombi (Green)

Seems like Hot Wheels has made some great success in making green cars as of late. Last year it was the Mystery Machine that made waves, now its the green variant to the Volkswagen Kool Kombi.

The Kool Kombi is a “tooned” version of the iconic Kombi bus.

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Hot Wheels Volkswagen Kool Kombi: New Model for 2013

Kool Kombi

The first edition of the Kool Kombi was introduced in the Hot Wheels 2013 set.

There are 3 variants for the Kool Kombi in its debut year, the green, orange and white variants. These variants did not appear in shelves at the same time. The first that hit the shelves are the green version, followed by the orange ones then later the white variant.  Many believe that, since the green version was introduced first, this model will be more valuable as compared to the other 2 color variants.

Front View of the Green Kool Kombi showing the VW Logo

Kool Kombi First Edition

The green version of the Kool Kombi became an instant hit that demand for this die cast car became so great, that seeing them on shelves and pegs became impossible for almost all collectors want them even if it does not fall in their main line of collection. You can now even see some people selling them online like on  e-bay at twice or even 5 times its original price!!!

Back of the Kool Kombi showing its engine details!!!

Green Kool Kombi

You can’t blame some people not to get this new model from Hot Wheels for 2013. This Volkswagen die cast car is really “Kool”. It has a nice detail, design and tampos. Surely, it will have the Volkswagen Drag Bus and the VW Bug a run for its money!!!!

It is now safe to say that the green version of the Kool Kombi became an instant classic and keeping them for some time will allow it to become valuable pieces for anyone’s collection.

Green Hot Wheels Volkswagen Kool Kombi: Cool Wave Design!!!

Kool Kombi

Right now, I one got 1 piece of the Green one and is intending to get another one to set it loose and try my luck in some die cast photography. I already got 2 of the orange ones and hoping to get the the white variant soon.

You can check out some of my pictures of the Orange Kool Kombi here:

Hot Wheels Volkswagen Kool Kombi: “Koolest” Car for 2013

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