Hot Wheels Graffiti Riders: Chrysler 300c Hemi

The Hot Wheels 2013 set is definitely a good one. There several good new models released this year like the Kool Kombi, Max Steel Motorcycle, Star Terk USS Enterprise, Bump Around and others. This is also the year for old models to get noticed like the Bone Share in Pink, 70’s Dodge Charger R/T, Combat Medic , Toyota Corolla AE_86 and the likes.

One reason why this year’s set is different from the other years is that the people from Mattel has done a great job in choosing the right color for each car and applying great livery and tampos just like what they’ve done in their HW CITY Graffiti Riders.

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HW CITY Graffity Riders: Chrysler 300 Hemi

If you are in for colorful cars with outrageous tampos and wheels, then better collect the Hot Wheels 2013 Grafitti Riders.

I am not a fan of American Muscle Cars, but just one  look at this Chrysler 300c Hemi and I immediately grabbed in from the pegs.

Hot Wheels 2013 Chrysler 300 Hemi

Hot Wheels graffiti riders

The Bling Wheels also makes this car more awesome looking!!  Here is a closer look at the die cast model of the Chrysler 300C Hemi:

Graffiti plus Blings= AWESOME

Hot Wheels 2013

I also bought 2 pieces for the VW Beetle with graffiti designs. Now if only I can read all these graffiti letters!!!  :mrgreen:

Stay tuned for we will feature the graffiti Volkswagen Beetle next!!!

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