Hot Wheels Ice Charger: HW Screen Time 2017

Hello Hot Wheels collectors!! Please welcome the coolest car from the Fast and Furious Movie Franchise, the Ice Charger. The Dodge Ice Charger was the main car of Dominic Toretto in the film Fast 8: The Fate of the Furious.

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I am a fan of the original 1968 Dodge Charger that Dom used to have, but man, this car is mind blowing with its jet engine and bullet proof body!!!

Thanks to Hot Wheels, we can now have a 1:64 replica of this famous Hollywood movie car!!!

Hot Wheels Ice Charger

Hot Wheels Ice Charger Fast and Furious

The Ice Charge is part of the HW Screen Time Set of the Mainline Series for 2017.

The 2017 Hot Wheels Screen Time set includes some of the most iconic cars like KITT, the Mystery Machine and the Beatles Yellow Submarine!!

Just like in the movies, the Hot Wheels Ice Charger has a dark gray body and has a black stripe on the hood. Notice the great details on the rivets near the windows!!

Windows are tinted black and the die-cast car also has a black interior. The Ice Charge comes with PR5 Wheels!!

This Hot Wheels Ice Charger car is a 2017 New Model, so for those First Edition Collectors, this is a must have for your collections. Also a must have for the Fast and the Furious Movie fans!!

Who’s got Dom’s Ice Charger in their collection?


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