Hot Wheels Ice Cream Truck / Good Humor Truck Die Cast

Even in the Hot Wheels world, people needs some food and drinks, and what better place to get some needed¬†¬†refreshments than at the Hot Wheels’ very own ” Restaurant on Wheels” , The Ice Cream Truck or also known as the Good Humor Truck

Hot Wheels Good Humor Truck

The first edition of the Good Humor truck was introduced in the Hot wheels Mainline of 1984. This casting was designed by Larry Wood and was given the number 5904 as its code.

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As of 2012, there are already 32 variations of the Good Humor Truck. However, there are no variant for this die cast that has been included in any Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt or Super Treasure Hunts series.

The Hot Wheels’ Ice Cream truck: Now Open to Serve You

Hot Wheels Die Cast

Other names for the Good Humor truck are the Ice Cream Truck and Tropicool. A 2002 variant of this car was called the Grillionare.


The 2011 Hot Wheels Ice Cream Truck

Based on the tampos, the 2011 Hot Wheels ice Cream Truck serves Hamburger, Hotdogs, French Fries and Drinks. Other noticeable tampos are the words ” Friburger’s Grill”, yellow and green flames and a burger and 2 spatula.

Hot Wheels Ice Cream Truck complete with the Cook/Driver

Hot Wheels Collections

This casting was part of the HW City Works set and appears in 2 variants, White and Red.

The red Ice Cream truck sports 5SP tires with Rainbow Chrome rims.

Not to be missed is the cook located at the left side of the van.f

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