Hot Wheels MINI COOPER 2000 First Edition

The Mini Cooper is England’s answer to Germany’s Volkswagen Beetle.

The Mini Cooper was named after John Cooper. He is the owner of the Cooper Car Company that builds and designs Formula 1 and rally cars.

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The original 2 door Mini Cooper was designed by Sir Alec Issigonis. Though classified as a compact car, this vehicle can be used to carry lots of things for almost 80% of the floor area can be used to carry passengers and luggage. In 1959, the Mini Cooper was marketed as Austin Seven and the Morris Mini-Minor

This economy car was built in the years between 1959 to 2000. This car has been a UK icon as early as the 60’s. In 1999, the Mini Cooper wan voted as the second most influential car of the 20th Century, second only to the Ford Model T.

Mini Cooper Die Cast Model by Hot Wheels

Mini Cooper First Editions

Other awards for the Mini Cooper includes ” Car of the Century” by Autocar magazine in 1995, “Number One Classic Car of All Time” by Classic and Sports Car Magazine in 1996, and the “European Car of the Century” based on Internet Poll conducted in 1999.

Over the years, the Mini Cooper was upgraded and other variations of it has come out such as vans, pick up trucks and even rally cars.

It is estimated that there were 5.3 Million Minis sold world wide, thus making this car the most popular British car ever made.

Hot Wheels Mini Cooper First Edition

The Mini Cooper was part of the Hot Wheels 2000 First Editions set.

Hot Wheels First Edition Mini Cooper

HW Mini Cooper

Only on version of this car debuted for the Hot Wheels series that year. The first Hot wheels die cast version of Mini Cooper was designed by Phil Rielman and the design was inspired by the 1061-2000 Austin and Morris Mini Cooper. The Mini Cooper was #30 out of 36 new models from that year. Its HW number is 24386.

Just like the real cars, this die cast toy is a must have for every collector. The HW Mini Cooper is one of the most popular castings among collectors worldwide.

The Hot Wheels First Edition Mini Cooper was painted yellow. One of the most eye catching thing about this 1:64 die cast car is its checkered roof . Very 60’s indeed!!!

Checked Roof of the HW Mini Cooper First Edition

First Editions Hot Wheels Mini Cooper

The First Editions Mini Cooper has blue interiors and windows. Base is made of unpainted metal. This car also sports chrome LW (Lace Wheels or Wire Spoke) wheels.

Since then, the Mini Copper has appeared in various Hot Wheels lines and sets like in the Color Shifters,  X-Raycers, and Super Chromes.

The Hot Wheels Mini Cooper Treasure Hunt was part of the Hot Wheels 2002 Treasure Hunt series. This version came with a black body with a TH logo on the sides.

Currently, the market value for this Hot Wheels car is at 1 dollar for loose cars while 2 dollars is a fair price for the still carded version of the car. Though this is not a very hard to find or rare car, nor possesses a hefty price, very few collectors are willing to part with the first edition Mini Cooper or any Mini Cooper variations in that part.

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