Hot Wheels Red Bird from the Angry Birds Video Game

One of the most popular video game today is the Angry Birds game. This video game is so versatile that you can play it in your computer, tablet and even your smart phone.

Aside from its basic game play, one of the reasons why this game became popular is because of its cute characters, from its heroes, the Birds, and even to its villains, the Minion pigs.

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The Red Bird of Angry Birds

The Red Bird or simply Red, is the first playable character in the game. In the first game, he has no special abilities but he is good enough to knock down wood panels and break some glass and ice blocks, but try not to use him against stone. Red is very good at finishing levels after you’ve used all of your other birds like Big Brother Bird, Terence, Bomb and Chuck

Many believe that Red is the leader of  “The Flock“, thus he is almost available in many stages of the game and appeared in all of the games’s versions.

The Red Bird

Red Bird

If Red Bird was a real animal, he would be a Dessert Cardinal. Aside from the name Red, this Bird is also known as the Angry Bird, Normal Bird, Super Red Bird and the Original Angry Bird.

Hot Wheels Red Bird of the Angry Birds Game

One of the hottest Hot Wheels cars of the 2012 series was the car for the Angry Birds video game of the Red Bird and Minion Pig.

The popularity of these 2 First Editions prompted Mattel to re-introduce these die cast cars the following year as part of the Hot Wheels Imagination Set.

Carded Hot Wheels Red Bird 

Hot Wheels Red Bird

The Red Bird version is so detailed, you can on his face see how “Angry” he looks.

The Hot Wheels Red Bird even has tampos based on the game character. The Red Bird sports chrome 5SP or 5 spoke wheels.

Shake Your Tail Feathers

Hot Wheels Red Bird

You better grab this toy for they really look good especially when out of the card. It would also be fun to gather some of the Hot Wheels Minion Pig cars and create various dioramas and scenarios from the video game. Just be careful with your eggs…Lol

Don’t Mess with the Wrong Bird!!!!

HW Imagination

Hope that Hot Wheels can make other Angry Birds cars in the future, for it would be cool to own a flock of these cute birds and a herd of these maniacal Minion Pigs.

Make him angry. I dare you!!!! 

Hot Wheels Angry Birds

Watch out for we will feature the Hot Wheels Minion Pig next!!!

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