Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts: Dodge Challenger Drift Car 2013

The Dodge Challenger Drift Car is a special version of the Dodge Challenger that is used in the Formula Drift Car Circuit. The car’s driver is Samuel Hubinette. He is one of the most popular drivers in the Formula D series and is known as ” The Crazy Swede“.

The Dodge Challenger Drift Car was first used in competition in 2009. During its first appearance, most experts say that this car is the next generation drift car for its cool styling and great aerodynamic design.

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Hot Wheels Dodge Challenger 2013

Hot Wheels T-Hunt

The body of the Dodge Challenger Drift car was made from carbon fiber. It features a Mopar A8 Aluminum engine that can produce 850 HP and 849 lbs-ft of torque.

Various safety modifications are also added to the car like the full roll cage and a five point harness.

Hot Wheels Dodge Challenger Drift Car Treasure Hunt 2013

The Hot Wheels First Edition of the Dodge Challenger Drift Car was part of the 2011 series. It came in 3 color variants of red, blue and green. The 1;64 die cast model of this car was designed by Jun Imai.

Dodge Challenger Drift Car for Hot Wheels 2013

2013 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts

In 2011, the Dodge Challenger Drift Car was part of the Hot Wheels Code Cars.

For the 2013 series, the Dodge Challenger Drift Car is part HW City Rides Nightburnerz in the 2013 series. It is also part of the Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Set.

The car sports the Spectraflame or T-hunt logo just like all T-hunts for the year.

Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Logo on the Dodge Challenger Drift Car

hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Logo

It comes in with a white body with black, white, silver and red tampos. The Dodge logo are printed on the hood and the sides of the car. Windows are tinted and the die cast sports chrome rims and black PR5 wheels.

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