Hot Wheels Volkswagen Beetle Convertible 2013 Graffiti Riders

Our last post was about the Chrysler Graffiti Rider 300C HEMI, now we will feature our next graffiti car, the Volkswagen Beetle.

The WV Beetle is a classic car and a very collectible both for the the actual car and for its die cast models. This is a very iconic car and is very well known all around the world.

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This car is also universal, and has been appreciated well over generations, and crossing boundaries of various culture and race. And talking about transcending different cultures, Hot Wheels has come up with a version of the Beetle die cast car featuring the colors and graphics arts based on the Graffiti style of the Hip Hop culture.

Hot Wheels Volkswagen Beetle

Hot Wheels Beetle

Hot Wheels Volkswagen Beetle Convertible 2013

This 1:64 die cast model is the bomb. Nice combination of red and yellow plus some awesome graffiti design.

The 2013 Hot Wheels Volkswagen Beetle comes in red with white interiors and yellow tires with 10 Chrome spoke wheels.

Convertible Beetle

Hot Wheels Beetle

Ever wonder how Graffiti artists and lovers read these kind of graphics?

Hot Wheels Volkswagen Beetle 2013

Beetle toy car

Aside from the red Beetle, another variant is available for the 2013 Hot Wheels VW Beetle.  This one comes in a light blue car with White wheels. I will update you when i got my hands on this other Beetle variation.

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