Hot Wheels Volkswagen Kool Kombi: “Koolest” Car for 2013

Hot Wheels for the 2013 series introduces a new casting for the Volkswagen line, the Kool Kombi. This new die cast is one of the most popular First Editions for the year and is very hard to come by because of high demand.

We all know that Volkswagen is a favored line by many toy and die cast collectors all over the world. The most famous among all the Volkswagen cars is no doubt the Classic Beatle. This classic car is one of the most iconic automobile in history. Also a favorite casting among Hot Wheels fans for the Volks line is the Drag Bus. Expect in the coming years that the Hot Wheels Kool Combi  to be a very collectible item so better grab yourself one or two of this die cast before it is too late.

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Carded Ornage HW Kool Kombi

HW Kool Kombi

Many collectors might be thinking that hoarding these Hot Wheel Volkswagen is a good investment, for prices may shoot up when the time comes. I can’t blame them for thinking such a way but I hope they will leave some behind in the stores for kids and fellow collectors to buy and enjoy.

Just a thought, if it is very difficult to get the First Editions or HW Premiere Editions of this car now, then what would it be like if  ever Mattel decides to make a Treasure Hunt Kool Kombi version in the future?  :mrgreen:

The Volkswagen Kool Kombi History

The first Volkswagen Kool Kombi was first made in 1950. This vehicle was designed by the Volkswagen Group in Wolfsburg, Germany.

This classic Volkswagen Type 2 bus got its name, “Kool Kombi” , because it can be used as a passenger vehicle but can be transformed into a cargo vehicle just by removing the rear seats.

Hot Wheels Kool Kombi 2013

HW Kool Kombi

The Hot Wheels Volkswagen Kool Kombi 2013

The first edition of the Hot Wheels Kool Kombi appeared in the HW 2013 series and was part of the HW Showroom-HW Hot Trucks set.

The the premier edition of the Kool Kombi comes in green, and this one is the most difficult to find. This variant has dark and light green tampos and comes with a chrome colored plastic base.

The second variant of the Kool Kombi for 2013 comes in orange with white, teal and orange tampos. It also has a teal colored base.

Hot Wheels Orange Kool Kombi

HW Kool Kombi

The latest variation of the Hot Wheels  Kool Kombi comes in white with bue and orange designs and has a blue base. Unlike the first to variants that have light window tint, this one has blue tinted windows.

All 3 Kool Kombi variants sports 5SP or 5 spoke wheels.

It is very difficult to see these Hot Wheels cars hanging on the pegs, thus, I only managed to get only 2 of these Kool Kombi cars, sadly both have the same color, orange.

Detailed Back of the 1:64 Hot Wheels Volkswagen Kool Combi Die Cast

Kool Kombi

I kept one carded, while the other one was set loose and immediately went to a photo shoot session. These die cast cars are so cute and the color scheme and tampos are very colorful, setting it loose is really worth it.

The Hot Wheels Kool Kombi is also very detailed even if its scale is only 1:64. Just look at the back and engine detail of this thing!!!

Hope to get more of these “Cool” die cast toys. If you have great shots of the Green and White versions or any car which is part of your collections, just feel free to email us and we will be glad to feature it.

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