Matchbox Batmobile: MBX Adventure City 2012

Matchbox is not known for making Batmobile die cast toys or any Batman vehicles for that matter. For the past few years, they’ve concentrated more on industrial vehicles and police cars. But for the 2012 series, it was very surprising to see Matchbox making their own version of the famous Batmobile, the Batman’s favorite ride.

Hot Wheels, another company owned by Mattel, is more famous for making Batmobiles and releasing them as  part of their mainline series. Not to be toppled by the competition, MBX tried to dip their noses into making their own Batmobile.

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The First Batmobile by Machbox

MBX Batmobile

Though I’m not much of a Matchbox guy, but I have to admit, I tried to look for these MBX Batmobile in my favorite toy stores. even though these die cast pale in comparison with the Hot Wheels’ versions in terms of details and looks. But in my opinion, having s couple of these die cast cars is a must for every collector new and old, for hey, this is Batmobile and every one wants to own one!!!

Blue Version of the MBX Batmobile

First Matchbox Batmobile

The Matchbox Batmobile : MBX Adventure City

The Batmobile in 2012 was part of the MBX Adventure City Series. This series is composed of of 10 vehicles like helicopters, garbage trucks, Fire engines, ambulance and the Aston Martin DBS Volante.

The first edition of the MBX Batmobile came in blue and is accented with res stripes on the body. It sports red wheels and has a blue canopy for the cock pit.

This die cast is not much detailed and seems very ordinary. The design looks like it was inspired by various Batmobiles in the movies, cartoons and comics, but i can’t recall whether this particular design was lifted from a previous Batman vehicle or is a Matchbox original.

Good thing, the people from Mattel gave this model an upgrade and released a new color scheme for this batman design and it was launched for the commemorative of Matchbox’s 69th Anniversary.

The Matchbox 60th Anniversary Gray Batmobile

60th Anniversary Matchbox Batmobile

The new Batmobile, though share the same design, came with a better color and more details. The commemorative Batmobile came in  a gray body with black accents. It comes with the same red wheels like the blue version. The cockpit for the new one was tinted red. This one looks meaner and scarier than the first version.

The Gray Matchbox Batmobile

Grey Matchbox Batmobile

Also released as part of the 60th anniversary of Matchbox was a version of  The Bat, Batman’s hover craft from the movie The Dark Knight Rises. You can get the The Bat as part of the Matchbox’s MBX Sky Busters Set.

This particular 1:64 scale Batmobile toy share the same design as the larger scale car, the Total Destruction Batmobile.

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