Rail Rodder: Hot Wheels First Editions 1996

Going to some not so popular shopping arcades and malls and looking into some of their old inventory of toys can give you some of the most interesting finds in this die cast hobby.

Some of the times, you’ll find First Editions and items no longer produced like those included in the Hot Wheels Final Run Series. You can also find unique toys like the First Edition Rail Rodder, Hot Wheels take on the classic steam train.

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Rail Rodder: Hot Wheels First Edition 1996

Like many of the great looking concept vehicles of the Hot Wheels Mainline series, the Rail Rodder was designed by the legendary Larry Wood. The design was inspired by the classic steam locomotive. It even sports a cool looking Smokestack or chimney common to trains back in the day.

The first edition of the Rail Rodder  was first released  as part of the  1996 Hot Wheels Mainline series. There were 3 variations of the FE Rail Rodder.

Two of them sport chrome engines and side wheels. First one this Hot Wheels variation is made in China while the other one is made from Malaysia.

The third variation is the one with Gray engine and side wheels.

Hot Wheels First Editions: Rail Rodder

Rail Rodder Hot Wheels First Edition

All 3 variations share the same color scheme and tampo designs. The Rail Rodder has tampos or designs with colors red, orange and yellow on each side. The the words “Hot Wheels” and “ Rail Rodder” can be easily read from the side of these metal die cast toys.

All the first edition Rail Rodder  have the same black interiors and unpainted base. The First Editions Rail Rodder also came with 5 spoke wheels/micro gear wheels (5SP/MGW).

The First Editon Rail Rodder was a hit that Mattel, the makers of Hot Wheel cars, has made the Rail Rodder a part of its Treasure Hunts series the following year.

The First Edition Rail Rodder with Gray Engine and Side Wheels

Hot Wheels First Editions

Since its debut, there are already 20 variants of the Rail Rodder coming from different Hot Wheels line like the 5 packs, main line singles and 3 packs. The last appearance of the Rail Rodder was on 2007 as it was featured as part of the Holiday Hot Rods series.

For Hot Wheels die cast collectors, it is also a must have for your collections for not only does this toy train looks good, it also has a good market price. A loose Rail Rodder I good condition can fetch up a price of 1 to 3 dollars while a cHot Wheel’s Rail Rodder with card can have an appraised value of $5.

Hoping to see more of the Rail Rodder for this is truly one of the most unique casting in the Hot Wheels line.

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  1. I have a rail rodder with no design on the side of it but has the stipes on the other side still in the package. Worth any more $?


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