Volkswagen T2 Pick Up by Hot Wheels for 2017

Welcome the Hot Wheels Volkswagen T2 Pick Up. This is the second variant of the Type 2 Pick Up for the Hot Wheels 2017 series.

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This is a must have for Volks die cast collectors everywhere.

The Type 2 pick up was a huge success during its run in Europe and South America because of its durability and functionality. Farmers, delivery men, and ordinary folks loved this vehicle.

Hot Wheels T2 Pick Up

This is the second T2 Pick Up variant for 2017.

For me, its the better looking version. It has brighter and livelier colors than the first edition, more appropriate to the HW Art Cars set. Just hope that Mattel decides to produce more colorful versions of it in the future.

Just like the Light Green version ( looks like light brown to me), this pick up has the Hot Wheels tapo printed at the sides. On top of the white paint job are blue, yellow and black stripes and decors.

The T2 is equipped with MC5 type of wheels painted in chrome blue. base is made in black plastic.

Nothing much going on for this casting. Its a very simple car perfect for playing, but being a Volkswagen, makes it a hot item for die cast collectors!!!

How about you, what variant of the Hot Wheels T2 Pick Up looks better?!!


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